Why stay at Los Muertos Beach?

So many people visit Puerto Vallarta or what they are told is Puerto Vallarta yet spend their entire vacation in a hotel zone and take a rustic tour or two to embrace the flavor of a Mexican town. The truth is that they could be anywhere on the tropical coast so the only way they would know that they have visited our special town is by the label on their airline ticket.

Los Muertos Beach is Puerto Vallarta’s version of Hawaii’s Waikiki. There is something for everyone and you will never experience a dull moment. There are numerous restaurants from casual to award winning fine dining. Ever enjoyed a meal with your feet in the sand? We highly recommend it.

Here are a few reasons why we think you will like Los Muertos Beach:

  • You can shop while you eat. Charming vendors pass by with their goods ranging from beautiful silver, to Mexican handicrafts, clothing, woven baskets, hats and sunglasses and the tacky tourist t-shirts.
  • You can stroll the new beautiful pier during the day and watch pelicans plunge or enjoy an evening walk and people watch
  • Children love it and make sure to buy them a kite or some local candy or a popsicle from a vendor
  • You can cool off after your meal in the ocean that lies before you.
  • You can spend the day in a comfy chaise lounge and be treated like a Princess by attentive waiters who will cater to your heart’s desire.
  • You can get a temporary tattoo, massage,
  • Live music! Enjoy walking mariachi or folkloric groups or if you wish for quiet romantic music, there is usually a soloist or trio who will play for you.
  • Many restaurants are pet friendly and your dog will love the water and the food that might fall from your table.
  • You can parasail, waterski, jet ski or paddle surf.
  • Endless snacking! While you sip your margarita from your favorite restaurant, snacking can go on and on. Enjoy the walking vendors who will sell cups of fresh fruit with chile, candy coated nuts, pies and baked goods, ice cream, fresh oysters, lobster, ceviche (marinated fish) and an all-time favorite…….Fish on a Stick
  • Because you can get a suntan while you eat!

    Now isn't that isn’t enough reason to stay with us in the Los Muertos Beach area of the Romantic Zone? Our vacation condos are on the beach or a few minute's walk. Relax- you've got everything right here!


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